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Hi! I'm Kyle -- I am a UX Researcher who likes to code


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Featured Projects

Michigan Covid-19 Dashboard

Worked as a project manager, recruiter, and software tester to create a Covid-19 dashboard for the Michigan Governors office. Collaborated with students, professors and admins from the University of Michigan; School of Information, School of Public Health, Art and Design, College of Engineering, Jackson Health, Google, and Ford Motor Company.


Worked with a team of UX designers to test the design of a biology search portal.

GoNana's Brand and Asset Creation

Worked with a team of graphic designers, UX designers, and marketing students to come up with a brand identity for GoNana's packaging as well as animations for their website


Birds of a Feather Flock Together: But do Humans and Robots? A Meta-Analysis of Human and Robot Personality Matching

Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE)

A Meta-Analysis of Human Personality and Robot Acceptance in Human-Robot Interaction

Computer Human Interaction (CHI)